Harry Archer is the brilliant photographer who recently captured our new staff images.

 It was no easy task, we have several camera shy members of the team but we hope you agree that he has done a fantastic job! The images truly capture the character and personality of everyone at Eastburn Country Furniture.

We asked Harry to talk to us about his business, photography methods and details of the shoot.

skilled craftsman Mick

Mick in the workshop.

Tell us a little bit about your background and your business, Harry Archer Photography…

I am celebrating my 30th year in business this June. I shoot commercial advertising photography for many different clients and subject, both in my modern converted Dales Barn in Laycock and on location all over the UK and Europe. I have shot for large multi-national companies like Triumph Motorcycles and Audi, and for locally based companies like Spacekraft in Saltaire and Shulmans Solicitors in Leeds.

I shoot on high quality medium format and 35mm format digital cameras using the latest studio and portable location flash lighting. I shoot portraits, products, fashion, architecture and many other subject for any number of advertising mediums including brochures, point of sale materials and websites. I have a good sized store for props and set building materials to accommodate most client requests. The studio has fantastic grounds front and back for location photography, and with all of the pieces of furniture, props, design features and rooms it makes the perfect spot for lifestyle photography.

kitchen bespoke tools

Some of the tools we use to build bespoke kitchens

Talk us through the Eastburn Country Furniture Shoot…

The shoot was to show the personal touch that Eastburn Country Furniture offer, the hand crafted quality of it’s products and the friendly characters in their working environments. The images needed to be relaxed, cool, and interesting to engage with the viewer/customer. The images also needed to show the variety of work and departments at Eastburn Country Furniture and the comprehensive service they offer. The portraits tapped into both old handcrafted traditions and modern manufacturing service and showroom. I also photographed a few showroom scenes for the website, these are shown in colour to give a realistic idea of the product they produce and sell.

kitchen designer

Luke in the workshop

Go on then, get technical for us…

Well since you asked…

Shot on digital in colour and converted to old black and white Ilford film from 1980’s, this gives the portraits gravitas. Technically I used very simple lighting on these images. I tried to use as much available light as possible, complimenting it with a subtle use of flash light to keep the images as natural feeling as possible. A very shallow depth of field (blurred background) was used on the lens, this keeps the background out of focus and keeps the person/character the main focus on the portrait.

kitchen seating

Product reference cards


kitchen showroom

An interior photo from the showroom


“I really enjoy doing a shoot like this. I am trusted to come up with the goods and left to my own devices to create a compelling series of shots. It is great meeting and photographing all the characters of the business and I always get a kick when they see their own environmental portrait on the laptop. Often people wonder why all the fuss and equipment for a photo – but once they see the results – something clicks and they understand a little more about the process of my photography.”

To see all of our team images visit the About Us page.

You can visit Harry’s websites at http://harryarcher.co/ or https://www.viewpointphotography.co.uk/